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Community Involvement

“Doing the right thing” extends to our communities, too.

Like many of you, I am devastated by this painful, yet powerful moment in history. I’ve lost sleep thinking about what George Floyd—and far too many others— have gone through, and also about what steps Signature Consultants must take to enact change.

To start, we must be willing to hear difficult truths and make difficult decisions. It is not enough to say change is overdue. Racism runs centuries deep and makes its way into every part of society, from law enforcement to healthcare, education to employment.

We cannot accept this anymore. We must do better.

In the process of reflection, I keep coming back to Signature’s foundational principle of “Do the Right Thing.” It’s why we show up each day. Not just saying it, but doing it. Treating all people with dignity, equality, and respect is right. Listening, learning and educating ourselves is right. Strengthening the way we defend and advocate for one another is right. That remains our mission today.

The desire to do the right thing is the driving force behind our company’s response, and it’s what will bring us together to work toward the common goal of rooting out and ending systemic racism. Black lives matter. Black perspectives matter. Black success matters. And so does how we, together, respond to this moment.

As is our way at Signature, we’ve taken the past couple weeks to listen to voices that rightfully demand to be heard in our communities, to have honest conversations, and to educate ourselves on what racism truly is and what racial justice looks like. This is just the beginning of our work. As CEO, I take responsibility to move forward with precision and urgency. At this early stage, our goals include:

  • Deepening our understanding of racism and racial justice, and educating our stakeholders
  • Creating opportunities to come together for meaningful conversations and constructive action, especially when it takes us out of our comfort zones
  • Holding our internal policies and practices to higher standards and serving as an industry leader
  • Protecting the rights and dignity of our Black employees and prioritizing our efforts to increase their representation in our workforce
  • Continually raising the bar on what it means to “Do the Right Thing”

As part of these efforts, we believe it’s critically important to create open channels of communication that make it safe and easy to give feedback. We invite and encourage you to share your experiences, input and ideas around how Signature can help effect change: [email protected]

We commit to making progress, taking measurable action, and being held accountable. It will be an ongoing dialogue; the progress we need won’t happen overnight. We’ll need focus, energy, empathy, leadership and love. Our culture at Signature gives us the strength and ability to amplify the impact of our collective action beyond our own communities. It’s the right thing to do.

Jay Cohen

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