Signature Successfully Helps Growing Financial Company Modernize Hiring and Bring on 70 New Hires

Signature Successfully Helps Growing Financial Company Modernize Hiring and Bring on 70 New Hires


Client sought skilled resources for highly visible remediation project. The project included a complete a review of 23,000 clients and customers within the LOB and an 18-month completion timeline. 


Signature provided a bulk staffing solution, including a non-billable project coordinator who handled all on-boarding processes. Eighty-six resources were on-boarded over the course of the project, 41 within the first two months. 


Signature’s bulk staffing solution led to successful resolution of this highly visible initiative. In addition to timely completion, the project was under budget. Signature’s solution saving $1.9 million on consultant staffing compared proposals from other firms. 


86 Consultants

Length of Contract

Skill Sets 
MDM Architects 
Big Data Developers 
Business Analysts (technical and non-technical) 
.NET Developers 
Application Support Analysts 
Contract Vendor Managers 
Data Analysts 
AML Analysts
Salesforce Developers 
Financial Analysts 
Profisee Developers 
Program Managers 
Project Coordinators 
Project Managers (non-tech)
SQL Server DBAs 
Tableau Developers

Client Information

One of the largest credit union organizations in the U.S., serving over 3,000 credit unions. 

Professional and Consumer Services

Consulting Services

Information Technology 


“Signature doesn’t look at the people they bring in as widgets. They look at them as people and they actually work with them as people, and they understand that there’s a balance between the people’s needs and the employer’s needs. Those things to me are very important when you’re dealing with a people business—that you’re dealing with people in the most human way.”

- Sr. Vice President, Executive Team 

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