Signature Successfully Meets Short Timeline for Turnkey Project

Signature Successfully Meets Short Timeline for Turnkey Project


The client needed to complete an inventory using RFID tags. 


Signature helped determine project scope and resources, then was awarded complete exclusivity and trust to manage delivery and coordinate training of 30 consultants. 


Project was completed earlier than scheduled and under budget. Consultants enjoyed a free weekly lunch and weekly performance incentives to boost engagement. 


30 Consultants 

Length of Contract 
1 Month 

Skill Sets 
Inventory Clerks 

Client Information 

An education agency managing public schools. 

Professional and Consumer Services 

Education & Training 

Accounting and Finance 


“From day one, Signature was most helpful in determining the scope of the project and specific resources needed in order to help achieve our goals. The project management and oversight, led by Signature, was excellent. Scheduling, logistics, oversight and management were all handled by Signature. They provided a turnkey solution for our project and to top it all- the project came in earlier than scheduled and under budget. Thank you Signature!” 

- Executive Director

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