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Mar 16 2016

3 Apps That Will Help You Live a Better Life


New Year’s has come and gone—are you still sticking to your resolutions? Unfortunately, 64% of people don’t make it to the half-year mark without giving up.

But just because it’s no longer January doesn’t mean that you can’t give your goals another shot. And to make this second try (or third…or fourth…no judging!) more successful than the last, we’ve rounded up the three best apps for helping you stick to your intentions.

1. Balanced

This app is like the loving and supportive, yet firm, best friend. It asks you to enter the “things you wish you did more often,” like “meditate,” “hit the gym,” “cook dinner,” and so forth.

You can set varying frequencies for each goal. For example, maybe you want to work out four days a week, while you’d like to finish a book two times a month.

When you’re in danger of missing your self-established timelines, Balanced will send you gentle reminders. And when you’re consistently hitting all your goals, it will show you a visual depiction of your progress that’s super rewarding.

2. Way of Life

For building habits you want to repeat every single day, Way of Life is a great option. It’s based on the concept of “links”—every day that you stick to your habit, the link gets longer and stronger.

There are tons of ways to visualize your behavioral trends: by slip-ups, by successes, by week, by month, by year, and more.

You can also share your charts to social media, which is a great way to celebrate your achievements with your network and hold yourself accountable, as well.

3. GoalsOnTrack

So far, we’ve focused on apps that’ll help you complete recurring, micro goals. But what about those macro goals, like “Pay off my credit card debt,” “Write a book,” “Run a marathon,” or “Buy a house”? You’ll need a different kind of app—one like GoalsOnTrack.

This system helps you create a detailed plan for your goal. You describe your objective, the reasons it’s important, when you’re starting, when you’d like to end, how you’ll measure success, sub-goals, tasks, and progress.

In addition, you can create to-do lists, use visualization techniques, track your time, and share your accomplishments.

If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that our smartphones can help us transform our goals into reality. Try out some (or all!) of these three apps, then let us know how effective they’ve been.

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