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Jun 19 2017

3 Critical Work Habits to Set ASAP


Success can come from lightning-bolt moments—when you suddenly have an inspired thought or burst of genius. But those are unexpected and hard to recreate. It’s much easier to drive success by setting and maintaining key habits.

To learn what you should be doing on a regular basis to promote your career, check out this list.

1. Ask, “Who’s Got the Monkey?”

A professional I know ends every meeting by asking, “Who’s got the monkey?” This question essentially means, Who’s agreed to take responsibility for this project?

Although you don’t have to use this exact wording, it’s crucial to end every work conversation with a clear, mutually agreed-upon decision about who the owner is and what they’re going to do next.

Without these verbal agreements, people commonly walk away from meetings thinking the other person is going to handle things—and nothing gets done.

If you’re in a meeting covering several different topics, it might be necessary to ask, “Who’s got the monkey?” (or the equivalent) multiple times.

2. Write Things Down

One of the simplest ways to become a more valuable employee is to write things down. Take notes during company-wide announcements, and then distribute them to your team, department, or even the entire organization, depending on your size.

Document your processes, then use them as training materials for your team members, reports, or replacements (for when your consulting job ends or you’re promoted).

Summarize what you learned at conferences, industry events, informational sessions, panels, and talks, then share them with other people at the company.

The impact of this? You become a known source of educational, relevant, and important content. People will start looking to you for news, updates, inspiration, and insights.

3. Confirm Over Email

Every important decision should be confirmed in writing. This gives you a record to look back on, which cuts down on confusion or misunderstanding down the road.

Plus, if the decision is reversed or presented differently, you’ll have evidence that it’s changed.

Let’s suppose your coworker informs you that the team is switching to a new strategy. After your meeting, you send them an email highlighting their points and asking if you got everything right and/or missed anything.

They reply, “Looks great!”

Two months later, when you’re trying to explain the strategic shift to a new team member, you can simply pull up this email for context.

Or perhaps your boss says, “Why did you think we were doing X and Y?” You can answer, “That’s what so-and-so said during our meeting on this date.”

Once you’ve started regularly doing these three things, your work relationships and communication abilities will improve.

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