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Mar 23 2016

3 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Coworkers


It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the biggest drivers of employee retention is recognition. In other words, if you show people you appreciate their work, they’re far more likely to stick around.

We generally apply this concept to the people who work below us. However, it’s equally effective when you recognize your coworkers—and your organization will definitely appreciate your efforts to promote a supportive, collaborative atmosphere.

Here are three simple ways to acknowledge the awesome efforts of your peers.

1. Say “Thank You”

We’re starting off with an obvious one—or is it obvious? Try to remember the last time you told a coworker thank you, and not in a breezy, “Thanks for sending me those files,” or “Thanks for meeting with me.”

A heartfelt thank you goes a long way. We suggest you do it in person if possible; if you don’t work in the same location with someone, opt for Skype or the phone.

Here’s what a genuine thank-you might look like:

“Hey, Carly, I wanted to thank you for writing such thorough and comprehensible documentation. It makes editing your code a pleasure—I really appreciate your effort.”

2. Publicly Recognize Them

If your organization has a public forum for recognizing people, you should absolutely take advantage of it. For example, maybe there’s a bulletin board where people can write anonymous notes praising others, or a time set aside at each meeting specifically for noteworthy achievements.

If your company doesn’t have any team-wide recognition options, we suggest starting one.

Go to your boss and say, “I’d love to set up some sort of system where people can recognize their coworkers. Who’s the best person to go to about that?”

Besides the ideas already mentioned, consider:

  • Starting a thread on your internal chat platform for #shoutouts or #virtualhighfives
  • Establishing a peer-recognition program with “Team Member of the Month” awards
  • Dedicating a section of the email newsletter for peer recognition

3. Give Them a Gift

There are tons of “presents” you can give your coworkers that will neither break the bank nor make them feel awkward.

For less than $50, you can treat them to lunch. This option is one of our favorites; it allows you to strengthen the relationship while extending a thoughtful gesture.

In the nearly-free category, you can give a handwritten letter, flowers, or a five-dollar gift card. A grateful note is always lovely, while a beautiful bouquet of flowers will brighten up your coworker’s desk (and day!). If you opt for the gift card, make it personal by choosing one of your coworker’s favorite coffee shops.

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