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Apr 25 2016

3 Techniques for Feeling at Home During Your First Month on the Job


The typical employee stays at each job for 5.5 years—which means that, as a consultant, you’re starting fresh far more often than normal.

After your first few “first days,” you’ll probably get the settling-in process down to a science. But before? You might feel disoriented or anxious walking into a new place. So to feel more comfortable and get the most out of month one, try using these three techniques.

1. Do Your Research
The more you know about your new workplace, the less foreign it will feel. Luckily, there’s a ton of online information you can dig through.

First, start with the company’s website. Look for a synopsis of its history, a list of values or principles (if the company has them), and a careers page or “Work Here” section. Ideally, the careers page will include info about the organization’s culture and workplace personality.

After you’ve combed the site, check out the company’s social media platforms. Its Twitter account will likely showcase the causes it’s involved in, any press mentions it’s gotten, news and updates, and so on, while its Facebook account might give you a peek into daily office life.

2. Email Your Supervisor
If you know who you’ll be reporting to, shoot the supervisor an email. Not only can you start developing a relationship, but you can also pick up some handy info.

Here’s a template to give you an idea of what to say:

Dear (name),

I’m really looking forward to beginning work on (start date) and helping you (goal of project). (Company) seems like a fantastic place to work—I love that one of your core principles is (value). Is there anything I should be aware of before I start?

Thank you, and looking forward to officially meeting,

(Your name)

3. Take Advantage of Your Support System
One of the benefits to working for Signature Consultants is that we provide tons of resources so you’ll always feel supported and comfortable. For example, when you’re placed, we’ll give you an extensive briefing, meaning you’ll know exactly what to expect. We even send each new consultant a welcome package and set up happy hours, lunches, and meeting opportunities. But most importantly, your recruiter will call you every single week. Having this constant source of encouragement and assistance makes a huge difference.

However, if you’re a consultant with a different company, we still recommend finding someone you can go to for advice and support. Maybe that’s your best friend, your parents, or your mentor. You might say, “Hey, I’m going to be switching workplaces fairly often and I’d love to be able to call you every other week and talk about it. Could we schedule that? I’d appreciate it so much.”

In the beginning, the amount of change associated with a consulting job might scare you. However, these three techniques will help you adapt—and before you know it, you’ll have your own solid routine for getting started in a new gig.

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