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Jul 6 2016

3 Templates for that Email You Never Sent (Oops)


April 30th was “Annual Email Debt Forgiveness Day,” a holiday on which people could respond to those messages they’d been ignoring for a shamefully long time.

If that sentence immediately made you recall several emails you owe to people, don’t worry: Everyone has email debt.

But we don’t have to wait until April 30th rolls around again to handle it. Even though sending late messages can be a little uncomfortable, it’s better to do it late than never. To help you with this task, we’ve put together three templates.

Template #1: For the “Would You Mind Doing…?” Messages
You might have an email (or several) from a connection asking you to do something for them—and since you didn’t really have time to fulfill their request, you never answered.

Rather than making excuses in your belated email, we suggest being honest and explaining why you were preoccupied.

Hi [name],

I apologize for never answering your email from [a couple weeks ago, last month, December]. Unfortunately, at the time I was [working on two huge projects, applying for a new job, moving to Ohio]. I absolutely still should have given you a heads-up I couldn’t do [favor]! How are you doing and how did the [project] turn out?

[Your name]

Template #2: For the “Just Catching Up” Messages
It’s always nice to get emails from former coworkers, friends you haven’t seen in a while, old connections, and so on, especially when they’re just saying hi. The problem? When you’re trying to move through your inbox, these ones are your lowest priority… and sometimes, they slip through the cracks.

Hey [name],

I know this email is several [weeks, months] overdue—please forgive my tardiness! I really enjoyed reading about what you’re up to, especially [your recent trip to Dublin, your speaking gigs, the new puppy]. On my end, I [have been learning how to speak Spanish, just completed a triathlon, wrapped up a six-month consultant position]. Let me know if you’d like to grab dinner (coffee or lunch) one day soon. It would be great to talk in person.

[Your name]

Template #3: The Miscellaneous Messages
Of course, you’ve definitely got unanswered emails that don’t fit in the categories above. Use this catch-all template to finally write back.

Dear [name],

I apologize for the delayed response—I know how frustrating it can be to not receive a response. [To answer your question, to follow up on your note….]
Again, sorry to keep you waiting. I appreciate your patience with me!
Thank you,

[Your name]

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