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Jun 26 2017

3 Ways to Become a More Positive Person


My former coworker, Jack, was undoubtedly the most well-liked person in the office. Every time he walked into the kitchen to make some coffee, he’d be swarmed by people who wanted to talk. When he sat down in the company cafeteria, his table would fill up immediately. During meetings, the whole room would respectfully hush as soon as he began talking.

I loved Jack, too—but I couldn’t figure out why. He was intelligent, hard working, polite, funny, and committed, yes…but not more so than other, less popular employees. So what was it about Jack that magnetized us all?

Finally, I got it: he was unfailingly positive. Even when the worst, most dismaying things happened, like the company lost a major deal or our team discovered a massive project error, Jack stayed optimistic and cheerful. And as a result, being around him was like soaking in good vibes.

We definitely can’t all be Jack. However, if you want to make other people feel better simply by being in your presence, you can amp up the positivity. Here are three Jack-inspired ways to do so.

1. Embrace Mondays

Among the many things Jack didn’t complain about? Mondays. He was probably the only one. After all, so many people hate the first day of the week that “the Monday Blues” has become a real condition.

You might experience the Monday Blues yourself. But try to immunize yourself, because you’ll never boost others’ spirits by complaining. Mentally frame Monday as a fresh start: an opportunity to avoid the mistakes you made last week while carrying over the productive things you did.

And don’t just make this shift in your mind. While your coworkers are trashing Mondays, do the opposite. You might say, “I’m looking forward to making progress on X project this week,” or “The bright side is starting fresh after that frustrating setback last Thursday.”

2. Be (Authentically) Positive

I noticed Jack always had something nice to say. However, he wasn’t so positive it felt fake. On the contrary, his compliments felt meaningful because they were clearly genuine.

To implement this habit, try saying out loud every flattering thought that passes through your mind. You’ll notice you’re actually missing out on plenty of opportunities to say nice things. For example, if you think your coworker’s comment was really smart, call it out: “Thanks for bringing that up; you have a great point.”

3. Pay Attention to the Little Things

Although this isn’t a groundbreaking technique, people still struggle to appreciate the smaller moments—especially at work. But if you let eight or nine hours go by without expressing gratitude for anything, you’ll find it difficult to feel fulfilled or happy. Even when you’re putting out fires left and right or scrambling to hit deadlines, follow Jack’s approach and pay attention to small reasons for joy. Perhaps you enjoy that first sip of coffee at your desk in the morning, or you like the way it feels when you knock out a task more quickly than expected. Remaining grateful and upbeat will naturally affect how cheerfully you come across to others. You’ll seem like a more positive presence without saying a word.

The more Jack-like personalities in an office, the more productively the team works together and the happier everyone feels.

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