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Sep 15 2015

4 Inexpensive Ways To Show Employees You Care


When employees feel valued, it’s good for the entire company. Studies show that people who feel like their good work is being noticed are calmer, more productive, more engaged, and less likely to seek employment elsewhere. But you don’t really need research to tell you that; common sense and experience prove that a supportive work culture usually leads to great results.

And luckily, you don’t need a huge budget to show employees that you care. Check out these four ways to recognize your team without spending much (or anything!)

Handwritten Notes
It would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t love getting a handwritten note from a manager or executive. While cards certainly aren’t expensive or time-consuming to compose, they show thoughtfulness and genuine appreciation for an employee. And nowadays, people don’t send too many notes–so your gesture will really stand out.

You can write notes for a ton of occasions. Maybe one of the people you supervise does an excellent job on a project. Write her a letter saying so! Maybe a different employee has a baby. Write him a letter congratulating him on his partner’s birth. Maybe another needs some encouragement; write her a letter expressing your confidence in her abilities.

One-on-One Meetings
You probably already meet regularly with your employees to discuss their progress, areas of improvement, ongoing tasks, and so forth. However, when’s the last time you sat down with them to discuss their personal goals?
Set aside 20-minute meetings with your employees during which you ask them about what they hope to accomplish in their career, what skills they’d like to learn, and (most importantly), how you can help. By demonstrating interest in what they care about–and offering your support–they will see that you’re invested in them as a person, not just a worker.

Spontaneous Treats
This option costs a little more than the others, but it’s still an extremely cost-effective way to demonstrate you care about those underneath you. The key to making this work is to do it randomly. So show up at the office on a Wednesday with a bunch of fresh muffins or bagels, or leave a $5 Starbucks gift card on everyone’s desks, or even get some flowers to brighten up the common workspaces.
Going out of your way to do something nice for the office will make everyone cheerier, and you might even set off a domino effect of kindness.

Public Acknowledgement
Giving an employee a shout-out is free, but it really goes a long way. First, it will make the person you’re recognizing feel valued. Second, it will make it clear to everyone you pay attention to their successes. Third, it may motivate the rest of your team to earn a shout-out of their own!

So the next time you have a department, team, or company meeting, think about setting aside three or four minutes for publicly acknowledging some deserving staff-members. If you would rather do a written shout-out, include your praise of an employee in an update or progress email.

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