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Apr 7 2016

4 Mental Tricks for Dealing with Rude People


Treating other people well is hard. Other people can be rude. Other people can be unfair. Other
people can be selfish, annoying, silly, and unintelligent—and the list goes on.

Nonetheless, you want to treat them well.

To help you pull that off, we’re sharing four mental tricks for acting politely and kindly toward
everyone you meet—whether they’re wonderful or, well, not.

1. Everyone is Your Biographer

If it’s hard for you to be patient, nice, friendly, and understanding toward 100% of the people you meet—well, then, you’ve definitely got company.

Giving disrespectful or downright mean individuals the same treatment as nice ones is nearly
impossible until you try “the biographer trick.” Just imagine that every person you come across is secretly responsible for writing your biography. How would you want to be depicted?

Once you start pretending everyone’s your biographer, you’ll find it easier to behave well all of the time.

2. Everyone Has Different Potential

It’s understandable if you occasionally get frustrated while working with people who may be less
capable than you or if you feel like you’re pulling more of the work. But you may also get frustrated when you work with people who are much more capable.

Obviously, neither attitude is healthy, so remember to hit the “reset” button. Rather than thinking of everyone as having equal potential, remind yourself that we all have different capabilities. And rather than judging coworkers and team members on their results, judge them on their efforts.

If someone is working just as hard as you are, there’s no reason to get frustrated—whether or not his or her work is equivalent to yours.

3. Everyone Means Well

Imagine that a new colleague doesn’t respond to your email welcoming him to the team. Do you
immediately assume that it’s because he or she doesn’t like you? Or do you decide that your colleague is probably swamped with work and forgot to reply? Be honest!

You may have defaulted to the first assumption. To change this mindset, remember to live by the principle of “positive intent.” Rather than assuming that others are driven by neutral or negative
motivations, always assume that they’re driven by positive ones. It’s like “innocent until proven guilty,” but for everyday life.

After assuming the best in other people for a couple of months, you’ll find that the majority of the time, the most forgiving explanation is actually the right one.

4. Everyone is the Star of Their Own Movie

It’s very normal to go through life as the star of your own movie. It’s not that you’re selfish, but you instinctually view things through the lens of “how will this affect me?”

After all, your perspective is the one you know best.

But sometimes you need to get out of your own head. When you’re in conflict with another person, take anywhere from two seconds to an entire day to reflect on how their movie is going.

This mental trick makes you much more empathetic, which in turn changes your behavior.

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