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Dec 22 2015

4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You Better at Your Job


Research suggests that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve tried and failed to set resolutions, you’re probably reluctant to give it another go.

But that would be a shame—because we’ve got four resolutions that’ll accelerate your career. (and we’ve also included the strategies you need to keep them!).

Resolution 1. Be More Engaged

The more engaged you are at work, the more productive, innovative, and satisfied you’ll be. However, only 3 in 10 U.S. workers are engaged.

Do you feel like you’re usually invested in and stimulated by your work? Or are you going through the motions some (or all) of the time?

If it’s the latter, striving to be more engaged will be hugely beneficial for your career and happiness.

How to keep it:

Engagement hinges on having clear goals—and knowing how those goals relate to the overall mission of the organization. If you don’t have goals, ask your manager for clarification.

You should also feel as though you have everything you need to be successful in terms of technical equipment, tools, and professional support. If you need something, again, go to your supervisor and present your reasoning.

Resolution 2. Build Professional Relationships

Developing meaningful relationships with your coworkers and connections is hugely important. Not only will these relationships naturally lead to more opportunities, but they’ll also help you feel tied in to the community.

This resolution is for you if you tend to keep to yourself or avoid getting to know new people.

How to keep it:

Quantifying your efforts will make this feel much more manageable. For example, you might commit to having lunch with a different colleague every Friday, going out of your way to meet three new people every month, or participating in a meaningful conversation with a coworker every day.

Participating in local meet-ups, networking events, and office social groups will also help you meet this goal.

Resolution 3. Exceed Expectations

Think about your current projects and assignments. When you’re done, do you anticipate that your work will meet your manager’s expectations—or exceed them?

Obviously, the second is preferable, but many people are satisfied with the first. Pledging to exceed expectations will lead to higher-quality results, learning opportunities, and ultimately, career growth.

How to keep it:

It’s easy to figure out how to go above and beyond: Ask your supervisor. We suggest saying, “What would ‘success’ look like for this project? And what would it look like in your ideal world?”

Take that answer and turn it into your end goal. Even if you fall short, you’ll still be doing more than your boss expected.


4. Become a Better Communicator

Poor communication is really common in the workplace—in fact, one in three employees says they get vague or confusing directions up to three times a day.

It’s no wonder that 75% of employers say they value a candidate’s communication skills more than their undergraduate major.

Choose this resolution if you regularly have issues getting the point across with your coworkers, reports, or boss.

How to keep it:

First, figure out what’s making you a poor communicator (this probably requires reading your email history and paying attention to your conversations).

Do you clearly articulate what you’d like the other person to do? Do you give enough background information and context? Do you ask for feedback? Do you give other people enough time to talk? Are you choosing the most appropriate medium for your messages?

Once you’ve identified your communication issues, start working to correct them.

What’s your career resolution? And do you have a plan for keeping it?

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