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Jun 21 2016

4 Signs that You’re Working Too Hard


When job candidates say their greatest weakness is “working too much,” hiring managers tend to roll their eyes.

But, in fact, most of us do work too much—or at least, too intensely. More than three-fourths of Americans say work and money are their two biggest stressors, and almost 60% report being so unhappy and tense at their current job they’d like to choose a new career.

Worried you may be approaching burnout sometime in the future? Check out these signs that you’re working too much.

You Can’t Sleep
If you toss and turn every once in a blue moon, that’s normal—we all occasionally have trouble sleeping.

However, if you’re lying awake every single night, it’s likely that you have stress-related insomnia (ironically, not getting enough sleep is another common stressor!).

You Don’t Want to Socialize
Let’s say two of your coworkers walked up to you on Monday and asked you to go out for dinner. If your immediate reaction is to think, “No way, I have a gigantic list of things to do,” then you’re almost certainly overdoing it. It’s not normal to have such an overwhelming amount of work that you can never socialize.

Spending time with others makes you calmer, happier, and more productive, so taking an hour or two to go out for dinner is usually worth it.

You Get Annoyed Easily
During meetings, you have to stop yourself from snapping at your team members. Innocuous comments from your friends and family members are liable to set you off. You find yourself reacting out-of-proportion to little inconveniences, like misplacing your wallet or showing up at a meeting too early.

When your self-control has seemingly vanished, that means your mental energy is concentrated somewhere else—in this case, on keeping track of everything you need to accomplish and keep track of. To regain your former patience, you’ll need to cut down on your workload.

You Can’t Relax
Let’s say an hour suddenly opened up in your schedule. Would you read a book? Watch an episode of your favorite TV show? Take a walk? Go out for coffee?

Someone with a healthy attitude toward work would probably do any of the above. Yet someone with an unhealthy attitude would find it difficult to do any of them—instead using the 60 minutes to tackle another work task.

In and of itself, using free time to work isn’t bad. It’s only dangerous when you’re already logging 10 to 16 hours per day working. If you can never hit the “pause” button, you’ll eventually run out of batteries.

Recognizing that you’re working too hard is an important first step—but it’s only the first step. Next, you need to figure out how to address the problem. Are you imposing unrealistic expectations on yourself, or is someone else? How can you adjust those expectations so you can maintain a balanced lifestyle?

Finding these answers isn’t easy (nor is it a one-time challenge). However, if you want to feel engaged by what you do in the long term, it’s necessary.

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