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Feb 10 2016

5 Statements That’ll Boost Your Trustworthiness


Having credibility is incredibly important at work. Not only do trusted people receive more opportunities, but they also enjoy stronger, more productive relationships with their colleagues. To start boosting your office trust rating, start using these five statements. (Oh, and of course: be accountable and keep your promises!).

1. “I don’t know—let me find out and get back to you.”

It’s easier to pretend you know what you’re talking about than to admit your ignorance. However, being upfront about what you don’t know means people won’t have any doubts about what you do claim to know.

It’s still not a good idea to say, “I don’t know,” and leave it at that. End with “Let me find out” so that your team members see that you actively fill the gaps in your knowledge when you find them.

And then, of course, actually find out and follow up.

2. “The credit goes to…”

When one of your colleagues or managers mistakenly gives you the credit for a task you didn’t do, you should correct their mistake, for obvious reasons.

But we encourage you to be proactive. Talk about your coworkers’ achievements before anyone else brings them up: this habit will not only make you look like the ultimate team player, but it will also encourage your peers to sing your praises.

For example, if you’re chatting with someone about a project, slip in something like, “Arielle did a fantastic job tracking down some prospective clients for us,” or “Miguel was able to create a detailed analytics report in just two days.”

3. “I’ve got bad news.”

Sugarcoating unwelcome news is super damaging to your credibility. You know the situation is bad, your coworkers know the situation is bad (or they’ll find out soon enough)—and pretending differently makes you seem at best, inexperienced, and at worst, dishonest.

So when you’ve got something not-so-fun to share, preface it with, “I’ve got bad news.” The people you work with will actually feel a little reassured by your directness. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add, “I’ve also got some ideas for a solution”—provided you do have ideas.

4. “I’m here for you.”

It’s important to show your team members that you have their backs. When people hear this statement, it definitely inspires trust.

However, make sure you only say it to those that you’d feel comfortable supporting in a variety of difference work scenarios.

Let’s say you’ve told Steven, “I’ll support you.” During a meeting, another coworker starts questioning the validity of Steven’s idea. You promised to be there for him, so he may look at you to step in—and if you don’t, he’ll lose some trust in you.

5. “Here’s the benefit…”

Every time you give a coworker, subordinate, or supervisor a proposal for action, you should include how and why it will be beneficial to them or the organization.

Because even though the positive impacts are clear to you (after all, you’re the one suggesting the idea), they might not be clear to the professionals around you. And unfortunately, many people in the workplace have developed a negative lens—which means they automatically think, “So it’s good for you. Is there anything in it for me?”

By directly calling out how they and the business will do better, you’ll curtail any suspicions. End result? More trust!

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