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Jan 10 2018

5 Team-Building Activities That Are Inclusive to All


If you’ve ever planned a team event, you know how hard it is to pick a good activity. There are tons of guardrails:

  • Nothing too physical, since that will exclude people who aren’t in shape.
  • Nothing too late at night, since that will exclude parents and caretakers.
  • Nothing too alcohol-centric (like happy hour), since that will exclude those who don’t drink.

Along with these limitations, you also want the event to be fun, engaging, and morale-boosting. Not sure what to plan? These ideas are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone:

1. Escape the Room
Escape the Room is an extremely exciting in-person game that can be played in locations across the world. Groups of four or five work together to solve puzzles, with the goal of (you guessed it) getting out of the room. The typical challenge lasts around an hour. Because it’s so collaborative and immersive, every participant is usually playing enthusiastically by the end.

Good for: Practicing teamwork skills, making memories

2. Sushi-making
Many Japanese restaurants offer private sushi classes to groups. Your coworkers will love doing something out of the norm; plus, they’ll walk away knowing how to make beautiful and delicious sushi at home.

Sushi can be made pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten free (sashimi), making this a great choice for all dietary preferences. However, if you can’t find a local place that teaches a sushi-making course, a pasta-making class is a good alternative.

Good for: Having a unique, creative experience

3. Scavenger hunt
While a scavenger hunt takes a little more work on your end, the preparation is worth it. Running around a city or neighborhood trying to collect miscellaneous items or take random pictures is a blast—the event attendees will never forget what a good time they had.

Strapped for time? Look for a company that offers corporate scavenger hunts.

Good for: Promoting group bonding

4. Mini golf
Not everyone loves to golf, but most people enjoy mini golf. You can enjoy yourself whether you’re a pro or have never stepped foot on a green (mini or otherwise). This activity also lets you get outside and enjoy nice weather without doing anything strenuous. And with arcade games normally just a few hundred yards away in the mini golf headquarters, those who finish early will have plenty to entertain themselves with.

Good for: Creating nostalgia

5. Deluxe movie
If you have a deluxe movie theatre—i.e., one with cushy chairs that serves food—definitely take advantage and plan a team movie viewing. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who doesn’t love the luxurious experience of lounging, eating, and watching a movie.

Just remember to choose something that’ll appeal to most, which means no gore, raunchy humor, excessive nudity, etc. (you can always hold an anonymous poll to choose a flick).

Good for: Treating your team

Any of these five options will make for a fantastic time. Enjoy!

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