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Jan 17 2016

7 Desk Accessories That Will Make You Smile Every Day


Bizarrely enough, people spend more of their waking hours at work than they do at home—yet we’re guessing most of your decorating budget (and energy) goes to your home rather than your desk.

Well, it might be time for that to change. We’ve found seven desk accessories that are guaranteed to make you smile. These fun gadgets will give you a boost 9-5, Monday through Friday.

1. Poppin 3-Drawer File Cabinet

When was the last time you thought of a file cabinet as anything other than “utilitarian” and “boring”? If you’re like us, never.

However, this Poppin file cabinet ($229) puts its unappealing cousins to shame. It’s available in range of bright colors, from yellow to aqua, and is guaranteed to keep you both organized and happy.

2. CB2 Scope Wall Pocket

This awesome mountable cylinder ($9.95) is the perfect place to store pens, pencils, scissors, even your morning granola bar. Not only is it super useful in getting those miscellaneous things off of your workspace, the novelty of reaching into a wall pocket will make you smile each and every time.

3. Eugeni Quitllet Liquid Station

Fun and functional are united in this cool desk organizer ($40), which will make your tools appear as though they’re frozen in a block of ice.

The big pocket for your phone is especially handy, as it’ll keep your device in sight but out of the way.

4. Vertical Calendar

Bored of the traditional desk calendar? Treat yourself to this wall-hanging linear one ($25.99). Not only is it visually appealing, but you can also customize it by displaying months one at a time or hanging them next to each other. The calendar also comes with 70-plus event stickers (so you’ll never forget another meeting or business trip again) and a hang-up set (so you won’t have to puncture any holes in the wall or cubicle).

And if this version is too big for you, check out the mini version ($8.99).

5. Lab-solutely Organized Desk Supply Set?

The only thing worse than not being able to find a paperclip, pushpin, or binder clip? Having them strewn all over your desk and inside your drawers, just waiting to pinch your unsuspecting fingers.

Keep your organizing supplies, well organized with this mad-professor-esque stand ($24.99). And if you really want to go crazy, buy a matching beaker coffee cup ($7.49).

6. Bheard Sound Pod

This acoustic speaker for your phone ($25) was developed by MIT students. Not only is it fun to look at, but it’s also insanely functional. The pod amplifies your audio, making it incredibly easy to hear music, podcasts, and most importantly, conference calls.

It’s lightweight and portable, so it’ll be easy to take into your next call.

7. Uncommon Goods Wooden Pendulum Clock

Paperweights can be hit or miss—this one ($80) is definitely a hit. When you need to think through a problem or just give your brain a break, you’ll find its back-and-forth motion mesmerizing.

Plus, it just looks fancy.

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