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Feb 13 2019

7 Predictions for the 2019 Cybersecurity Hiring Market

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While much is written about cybersecurity technology, I believe the most essential element for a successful cybersecurity plan—the cybersecurity professional—deserves greater focus. Here are my seven predictions for the 2019 cybersecurity hiring market.

Government positions will add to increasing demand for talent.

You’ve probably seen headlines about the Pentagon, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) increasing their cybersecurity workforce. A quick look at the 2018 DHS Cybersecurity Policy makes it easy to imagine the need for thousands of new, highly-skilled professionals to accomplish goals including assessing evolving cybersecurity risks, protecting information systems and critical infrastructure, reducing threats and enabling security and reliability of global cyber ecosystem.  As the government draws from commercial market talent pools, there will be even fewer resources for employers.

Companies will invest in cybersecurity training and development.

As the demand for specific skills increase, especially in tight labor markets, companies have historically shifted their energy from buying talent to growing it from within. Expect a shift toward identifying smart, talented professionals, and building cybersecurity expertise. I predict cyber employee education will increase substantially throughout 2019.

Cybersecurity problems can’t always be solved by technology alone.

I believe a talented cyber pro will be worth their weight in gold, even as many organizations look to technology solutions to mitigate risk and tackle challenges. Having the right people in place will ready an organization to prevent or avoid problems; I predict the most progressive organizations will increase their percentage of cybersecurity budget spent on human resources.

Certifications will improve your opportunities.

I believe we will see more managers asking for certifications as well as a dramatic increase in the number of certified cybersecurity professionals.  Because the field is still evolving, I also foresee an expansion in the kinds of cybersecurity certifications. Credentials like specialized certifications can open doors of opportunity because hiring managers often perceive added value over a non-certified professional for highly technical roles.

A more streamlined interview process.
We are already witnessing compressed hiring timelines. The days of multiple screenings followed by rounds of interviews and a lengthy decision-making process are fading fast. With full employment, cybersecurity pros are busy. To recruit them from an existing opportunity, successful hiring organizations are condensing the process. I predict the most successful prospective employers will keep the steps to a minimum, for example: one technical telephone screening and one round of in-person interviews, lasting no more than a single afternoon.

A Huge Increase in Contract Opportunities

A low supply makes us find creative ways to fill the need.  We are seeing a huge spike in the number of contract openings we receive.  It used to be that a cyber pro would only be hired in a full-time salaried position.  This will no longer be true.  Companies will hire the best person available no matter their employment status (contract vs. full-time).

A simple résumé will win the edge over using LinkedIn.

Simplicity reigns in times when speed is of the essence. As much as LinkedIn offers, it often results in confusion and can be a time burden. We are finding that employers want something short, concise, and straight to the point—a résumé written in a compressed format. What’s preferred by many is a one-page resume built around succinct headlines. The prospective interviewer can quickly review prerequisites and then ask questions where further explanation is desired. My prediction is that simplified résumés are the new best way.

About Mark Aiello

With 30 years of IT and Cybersecurity consultant and staffing experience, Mark Aiello is V.P. of Cybersecurity Operations at Signature Consultants. Aiello is an innovative strategist and marketer with a tireless passion for the cybersecurity industry and helping companies stay safe by providing expert consultants and employees.

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