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May 16 2017

7 Truly Useful Chrome Extensions for Every Professional


Thanks to the thousands of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, it’s easy to upgrade your Internet browsing experience.

But having so many options makes finding the best extensions a little tricky. To help you find the ones that’ll have a significant impact on your daily productivity, we’ve curated the following list.

1. Focus

As its name promises, this simple extension improves your focus. Click the icon to start a “focus session.” During this 25-minute time block, you’re supposed to avoid all distractions.

The running timer in your tab shows you exactly how many minutes you have left—which makes staying on-task less challenging. You might also like the gamification elements, including your level, number of sessions, average productivity score, and more.

2. WorkingOn

Want a low-touch way to keep your team members in the loop? Download WorkingOn. It replaces your new tab screen with a clean, monochromatic page with a text box to enter what you’re currently working on.

Your response is collected in a dashboard, along with your coworkers’ responses. Anyone on the team can log in at any time to get an instant snapshot of what everyone’s working on.

WorkingOn integrates with Asana, Github, Trello, Pivotal, Slack, HipChat, and more, so it’ll fit in with your existing tools.

3. Save the Session

When you have a bunch of tabs open that you’d like to return to later, use this extension. It lets you save some or all of your open tabs without the need to bookmark anything or copy and paste the URLs into a note.

If there are collections of tabs you’re planning on opening multiple times, Save the Session lets you create session “names” (think “Competitive Analysis Q3” or “User Persona Research”). Once you don’t need a session anymore, just delete it.

4. Hey Habit

Setting goals isn’t hard—keeping them is. Here’s where Hey Habit can make a difference. Every time you open a new tab, the extension shows your overall progress toward your goals. Those might be “Spend 25 minutes reading about data science trends” or “Practice presentation techniques for 10 minutes each day.”

You can even schedule specific tasks for specific days, which comes in handy if you’re on a schedule.

5. Screencastify

If you frequently send screen recordings to your coworkers, this extension will save you a lot of time. Screencastify, one of the most popular screencast tools, is lightweight and easy to use. All you need to do is record your screen, add annotations, save the file to your computer, and/or share it with others.

It’s great for UI/UX designers, software engineers, trainers, and marketers, although many other professionals can find a use for the tool as well.

6. Skim.it

When you want to read an article or webpage but don’t have time, skim it. This extension (appropriately called Skim.it) lets you do just that: It converts text-heavy content into short, digestible summaries.

7. Pocket

An alternative option is Pocket. After you’ve created a Pocket account, you can save any link on the Internet to your collection and read it at your convenience.

The tagging features and powerful search will help you stay organized, so you won’t lose track of content you’ve saved.

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