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Dec 17 2019

8 of Our Favorite Workplace Articles and Ideas from 2019

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2019 brought a slew of thoughtful content in the world of work, as well as some eyebrow-raising memes. We’ve rounded up a selection of our favorite articles, videos, and ideas from the year, so grab a comfy chair, settle in, and read on.

5 Mental Mistakes that Kill Your Productivity

Ever feel like you’ve been “busy,” but can’t name one thing you’ve actually gotten done? You’re not alone.Research shows that only 26 percent of people leave the office for the day having accomplished what they set out to do that morning. Author Alice Boyes details five mental mistakes that hold us back from being truly productive, and five thoughtful ideas for overcoming them. Read the article.

Course Syllabus for Making New Friends as an Adult

Life as a child is designed around social experiences, and friendships can be forged over lunchtime or recess. Making friends as an adult, however, isn’t always so easy. What would it be like if there were a course designed to get adults through it? Enjoy this humorous take on adult friendships. Read the article.

Could Job Crafting be a Powerful Tool for Employee Wellness?

Many organizations in Europe are cutting workweeks (but not wages) in order to increase motivation, decrease burnout, and improve employees’ wellbeing. While this isn’t likely to migrate to U.S. workplaces anytime soon, job crafting may be an alternate solution for worker burnout and low morale. By altering aspects of what they do on a daily basis to better suit their skills, values, and interests, workers can in essence “craft” the job they have into the job they want and increase their job satisfaction. Is it the future of work? You be the judge. Read the article.

Running the NYC Marathon at Age 86 (VIDEO)

Need a bit of inspiration? Check out the story of the colorful Ginette Benard, who is 86 and started running marathons at the ripe old age of 69. She runs 10 miles a day, and she says running keeps her young. Watch the video.

Why Employees Need Both Recognition and Appreciation

“Recognition is about what people do; appreciation is about who people are.” This article delves into the differences between recognizing employees and showing them appreciation, and the appropriate circumstances for each. Read the article.

A Peek Into the Morning Routines of Successful Leaders 

As you’re wrapping up loose ends from 2019 and looking to create new habits for 2020, consider starting with the way you begin your day. We tapped into the habits of successful leaders, from Bill Gates to Marie Kondo, to find out whether these ambitious professionals all share a morning secret to success. What we found was that most successful leaders engage in these certain morning habits to fuel the day ahead. Read the article.

5 Podcasts to Ease You into Chillier Days

Podcasts can inspire you, teach you productivity hacks, keep you up to date on knowledge and developments in your industry, and help you reflect on your own life and work. Here are five of our favorites from this year with recommended episodes to check out for each. Read the article.

Confessions from a Micromanager (VIDEO)

This video is technically from 2018, but nearly two million people have since listened to what Chieh Huang, cofounder and CEO of Boxed.com, says about how he learned to stop micromanaging and, in turn, foster happiness and imagination at work. As Huang asks, “Do you want to hire dull and unimaginable people? If not, why do we micromanage?” Watch the video.

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