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Jul 25 2017

Best Places to Get Professional Advice


If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in career advice. But not all advice is created equal—and since work has such an impact on your success and happiness, it’s important to make sure you’re only listening to the most credible, thoughtful suggestions.

Apart from Signature Consultants’ blog, there are several sources for career wisdom you should check out. Here are the nine we recommend.

1. Ask a Manager

Alison Green, a former chief of staff turned consultant, runs this incredibly popular Q&A blog. Every day, she answers several work-related questions on everything from etiquette and tricky situations to negotiating and finding a job. Not only are Green’s tips always intelligent, they’re also delivered with humor, warmth, and honesty. You’ll quickly get addicted to her site.

2. Idealist Careers

Although Idealist’s job board focuses on non-profit, its career advice blog has universal nuggets of gold. When you need tactical help interviewing, crafting your resume, asking for recommendations, and so on, you’ll find plenty of relevant posts.

3. US News & Money: Careers

Believe it or not, the Careers vertical of US News & Money is excellent. The site publishes new articles frequently, plus, there’s a wide range of topics. Interested in learning how to deal with a micromanager? Looking for strategies on overcoming the gender pay gap? Need insights on dealing with failure? It’s all here.

4. DailyWorth

DailyWorth offers a mixture of financial and career advice. Bookmark it if you’re just as eager to learn how to best save for retirement and which types of investments to make, as you are to find new networking strategies and remote work tips. The site is aimed at women, but you definitely don’t have to be female to get value from it.

5. Harvard Business Review

Leaders will pick up a ton of actionable lessons in Harvard Business Review. Every article is well written, research-backed, and original. If you’re not a leader and would like to become one—or you’re not a leader but would like to understand what your boss is thinking—you’ll also benefit from HBR. In other words, it’s a great read no matter where you sit on the org chart.

Honorary Mentions:

7. PayScale’s blog covers financial and career news, as well as less timely (but still important) topics like impressing the hiring manager.

8. Quintessential Careers has a seemingly endless number of resources and tools for those at the beginning of their career. If you’re relatively experienced, you may find you’ve outgrown the content.

9. Business Insider publishes quick, easy-to-read articles on professional best practices.

LinkedIn’s blog offers advice from recruiters, hiring managers, and their own experts. Their posts tend to focus on getting a job (versus succeeding in your current one). If you’re in that position, it’s worth subscribing to.

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