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Jan 25 2019

Cybersecurity Job Seekers, Make Your Move.

Mark Aiello Cybersecurity

If you’re a cybersecurity pro, the time is right for finding the job of your dreams.

From my vantage point in the IT consultant and staffing industry, the signal lights for career advancement for the cybersecurity professional are turning green. If you’ve been wondering about improving your compensation, working on the latest technologies, or joining your dream company, the indicators are all “go for it.” Here’s five reasons why I think the time is now for you to make a move.

1. Timing. Demand is at an historical high, above the typical January peak.

January is traditionally a good month for hiring because corporate budgets reset. The new year’s goals are fresh in the minds of employers and human resources are the necessity for accomplishing them. With breaches and attacks on the rise, heightened awareness about privacy and protection, and new technologies that require designing-in new security or revisiting security solutions, there is growing impatience as risk concerns elevate to the highest levels within the organization. Companies are not merely responding to regulatory requirements, but looking to defend their companies rather than be reactive.

This sense of urgency in the market, coupled with the seasonal uptick and the overall increasing demand, bodes very well for cybersecurity professionals.

2. With greater risk comes greater reward.

Unfortunately, some organizations have learned the hard way about how much is at stake after they’ve been victim to malware, had resources hijacked for mining cryptocurrency, experienced an insider attack, or even had passport numbers stolen. There’s nothing like a crisis to shed light on the value of what has been lost—as well as on what steps need to be taken to prevent similar losses in the future. With the value of cybersecurity fresh on the company’s bottom line, there’s no better time to step up the ladder into a larger more lucrative role and defend your company against the next attack.

3. Big breaches drive change.

In 2018, we added to the list of companies who faced data breaches and mega breaches. While consumers may have become numb to such breaches, the companies who deal with them have not, and concern spreads to other companies with every incident released to the public. Because the damages come with large price tags, many times millions of dollars, it’s understandable that people get fired as a result.

Problems bring with them opportunity for the qualified professional. When high profile companies (think Facebook, Equifax, Marriott, Target, and all the way back to TJX in 2007) face the subsequent damage to their brand and reputation along with financial penalties, they double-down on infrastructure upgrades, cloud application security, and network security. Meanwhile, executives reevaluate their cybersecurity talent, and the alignment of roles, risk, and accountability.

4. Increased government hiring.

Federal and state government hiring of cybersecurity pros is “through the roof” right now. If you’re a cybersecurity professional with a government clearance, you can pretty much name your terms. At the very least, you’re almost guaranteed a raise.

This doesn’t mean you have to work directly for the government. Many outside companies have won government awards to provide a variety of cybersecurity services. Often, these companies leave money on the table because they can’t find the talent to complete the work. Reach out to them, and they’ll respond.

5. Seize the opportunity from within.

You don’t always have to leave your current job to find a new one. It’s possible there’s a new job waiting for you with your current employer. With the market ripe and overflowing with openings and challenges to be overcome, don’t be surprised if your peers and supervisors move on, opening the door for you to fill their position. Your knowledge of the company can create a win for your employer, and the new-to-you role may be the perfect next step in your career.

About the author, Mark Aiello

With 30 years of IT and Cybersecurity consultant and staffing experience, Mark Aiello is VP of Cybersecurity Operations at Signature Consultants. Aiello is an innovative strategist and marketer with a tireless passion for the cybersecurity industry and helping companies stay safe by providing expert consultants and employees.

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