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Nov 15 2017

How To Defeat The Monday Blues


Are Mondays hard for you? This probably comes as no surprise, but you’re not alone. Many people suffer from “The Monday Blues,” a name for the anxiety, stress, and low spirits brought on by the beginning of the workweek.

We’ve tried at least nine different strategies for combating the arrival of these feelings and read about tens more. The most effective one by far? “Do One Thing.”

This technique came to our attention via The Billfold, a personal finance website. The writers commit to doing one thing — any to-do on their list. While Do One Thing is a Thursday tradition, we’ve adapted it to Mondays.

Here’s my rationale. Tackling one task feels far more manageable than trying to achieve every item on your list, which is normally super long after spending the weekend relaxing. Monday is already a high-stress, busy day of the week; why make it more intimidating by attempting, and likely failing, to accomplish all these errands?

Setting out to do one thing is realistic. And when you successfully finish, you feel productive and a little more confident… mitigating those typical Monday feelings.

Are you on board? Here’s how to implement Do One Thing Mondays.

First, pick your rules. We like using Do One Thing to knock off personal to-dos. However, if you want to make it a work routine, by all means go ahead.

Next, decide how you’ll choose your One Thing. We’re a fan of the “dread factor,” for example, look at your to-do list, identify the item you most dread, and go with that. Unsurprisingly, you will feel much better after you’ve eliminated the task.

Other potential ways to pick your one thing include: importance (what’s the most essential task that needs doing?), urgency (what’s the timeliest task?), altruism (which task will help other people the most?), speed (what’s the quickest task?), and simplicity (what’s the easiest task?).

You can’t go wrong with any of these. Plus, you can always change your mind.

Finally, figure out a system for accountability. Write one thing down on a Post-It note and stick it somewhere on your desk. Then, when you’ve completed the to-do item, cross it off. It’s a great visual reminder, and it reinforces the sense of accomplishment.

Alternatively, set a recurring reminder on your phone or calendar to “Do One Thing.” Having this pop up every week will keep you on track.

You may also consider getting a friend or coworker to “Do One Thing” with you. Not only is it motivating to have someone to check in with, you can also give each other pep talks.

Still looking for another way to stay accountable? Try tweeting or publishing a LinkedIn status about your One Thing. For example, you might write: “11/4 One Thing: I finally went through my subscriptions and canceled the ones I wasn’t using.”

Good luck with your Do One Thing — we hope it helps cure (or at least alleviate) the Monday Blues.

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