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Feb 8 2017

How to Use Beneficial Habits to Improve Your Life


Habits are hard to break. When you’re trying to kick a negative habit, like eating unhealthy food or procrastinating, its stickiness is frustrating. But when you have a positive habit, the opposite is true: You appreciate the simplicity of doing the same thing again and again.

If you’re hoping to build a couple of beneficial habits into your routine, check out the list below. These ideas, when practiced regularly, will make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

1. Write Letters

Everyone loves receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. In just five minutes, you can craft a message that’ll make someone you appreciate feel recognized and special.

Here’s a list of people you might consider sending a letter to:

  • A family member
  • A former boss
  • Your mentor
  • A colleague
  • A previous coworker
  • A friend in another city
  • Someone you admire

If you want to make letter-writing a consistent part of your life, set aside a specific day for this activity. For example, every Sunday I send a letter to someone I’m grateful for. Once you’ve built this into your routine, you’ll find it relatively simple (and rewarding!) to repeat.

2. Eat with New Coworkers

The idea of regularly having lunch with near-strangers might sound intimidating, but there’s no better opportunity to practice your networking skills and meet a variety of people. In addition, most of your coworkers will be highly receptive to the idea.

Start by identifying 10 or so employees within your current company who you’re interested in meeting. Then, email them an invitation to lunch. You can either ask them to have lunch with you one-on-one or in a group, depending on what makes the most sense.

3. Read a Short Story

Reading is a fantastic way to relax, expose yourself to new ideas, and improve your writing skills. So why don’t we do it more often? Typically, because picking up a book sounds exhausting at the end of a long day of work. Many people go for a less-taxing activity, like watching TV.

Short stories are the perfect compromise. You won’t feel intimidated by their length, but you will feel satisfied when you finish. Plus, there are short stories for every genre and interest under the sun, whether you’re interested in science fiction, humor, personal essays, historical fiction, and so on.

4. Review Your Priorities

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the day-to-day challenges we forget to step back and look at the bigger picture. Once or twice a week, ask yourself, “Am I on track to achieve my high-level goals? What, if anything, should I be doing differently? What behavior or actions should I maintain?”

This exercise lets you course-correct before it’s too late. For example, maybe one of your objectives for the year is saving enough money for a house. It’s easy to begin spending more money, slowly but surely—and before you know it, your financial goal is far out of reach. However, if you remind yourself of your goals every three to seven days, you’ll be aware as soon as your spending habits change.

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