Dec 5 2018

Our Tips for Practicing Self-Care at Work


Most people think of self-care as something you do off the clock, things like going to a yoga class, reading a good book, taking a walk, etc. But, self-care at work is a different story as there’s no time or place for self-care there.

Right? Not so fast.

While self-care definitely has a physical component, at its simplest self-care is about connecting your mind, body, and emotions and taking care of yourself. That should never be something that’s limited to your time away from the office as you spend a significant portion of your time at week each week.

However, practicing self-care at work is easier said than done. If you need some inspiration, try these three tips.

1. Pay attention to your needs

Everyone functions differently. To make sure you’re as productive, successful, and engaged as possible, figure out how you work best.

For example, I’m happiest sitting in a quiet corner of the office, working on an interesting project without interruptions. While I love bouncing ideas off my coworkers, I often come out of those meetings drained. In this case try to leave ample breaks in your schedule between meetings to catch your breath.

Or, maybe you’re the opposite. Perhaps you get tons of energy from working with other people. If that’s the case, you should increase your face-to-face time. Have lunch with your coworkers, volunteer for collaborative projects, and so on.

Engineering your ideal work environment will make you a lot less likely to burn out or get too stressed.

2. Celebrate the wins

It’s very easy to gloss over your accomplishments and dwell on your failures. After all, the human brain is hard-wired to pay more attention to the negative than the positive.

Unsurprisingly, this pattern wreaks havoc on our happiness or sense of achievement.

It’s important to take some time to acknowledge your wins. If you close a deal, go out to lunch to celebrate instead of immediately hopping on another call. If your presentation goes well, shoot a text to a loved one to tell them about it. Regularly pausing to recognize what you’ve done well will keep you engaged and motivated.

3. Find some “you” time

The work day shouldn’t be a nonstop crush of meetings, projects, and calls. You might be able to sustain this routine for a few days or weeks, but in the long run, you’ll end up burned out and frazzled.

That’s why it’s important to carve out time for yourself every day. To give you an idea, I love to think about tricky questions on walks, so I block off daily 20-minute slots for a quick walk around the neighborhood. My extroverted team member invites different coworkers to lunch each Friday. She gets to hang out with people all over the company and recharge at the same time.

It might seem selfish to schedule time for walking or social lunches, but it’s not. Giving yourself “you” time makes you better at your job — not to mention happier — which your employer will definitely appreciate.

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