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Jul 13 2012

Signature Consultants Featured on Boston.Com

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Our director of recruiting, Pat Quagrello, sat down with Boston.com to discuss the benefits of contract.  Read more below!

Signs that contract work is for you 

A few years ago, many people seeking IT work through Woburn-based Signature Consultants were only interested in full-time, permanent positions; they viewed that as the safest, most secure position from which to weather the Great Recession. Now, however, they’re seeing more candidates who see the advantages to contingent, or contract, work.
Pat Quagrello, director of recruiting for Signature Consultants, pointed to the signs that contract work is for you.

You want the opportunity to earn more money
Most contract work is paid by the hour. Therefore, the more hours you work, the more you will get paid. Contract work typically does not include non-salary benefits, however, like health insurance and paid vacation time, though if you work through a third-party (such as a staffing firm) you may be offered these benefits from the third-party firm.

You want the opportunity to learn new skills
If you work in a field – like technology – where in-demand skills change rapidly, contract work can provide you with fresh opportunities to keep your skills current and to continually learn new ones. Many contractors have been able to diversify their skill sets and to qualify themselves for new and better roles this way.

You work in an industry that has a lot of demand and low unemployment
Certain fields of work, such as engineering, IT and social media, are experiencing virtually no unemployment. If you are skilled in these fields, you may be able to overcome one of the toughest parts of working as a contractor – the uncertainty over where your next job will come from.

You want to have more control over, or more flexibility with, your schedule
Once a project is complete, it’s up to you on whether you say yes to a new gig, or take time off instead. Often contract work is based on a specific number of hours per week and the employer is less concerned about what times of the day you work those hours.

You don’t want to stay in one location full-time
Some contractors work on different projects or jobs each season in order to enjoy the weather or a lifestyle in different parts of the country. Contractors who work through a multi-office or national staffing firm can leverage the firm’s resources to find work in different geographical regions.

You’ve found that many companies treat their contractors pretty well
Recognizing the business value that contingent labor can provide, companies are investing in ways to make the relationship work well.
For instance, Workforce Management Magazine recently blogged about how the increased number of contingent or contract workers will push employers to change their attitude and policies toward these types of workers.

You realize that contract work isn’t the same as “temping”
The image of a temporary worker is undergoing a change; no longer does the word “temp” automatically conjure the image of a clerical worker or receptionist. Now, staffing firms say more than half their job openings are for skilled workers in fields like healthcare, technology, engineering, science, law and accounting. 


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