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Apr 17 2012

Signature Profiles – Brent Hamilton


Signature Profiles are designed to help you learn more about the best part of Signature Consultants, our people.

Meet Brent Hamilton, one of Signature’s most tenured and successful resource managers. Brent joined the Signature team in 1998 and has been making us laugh ever since. Our residential “garbage disposal,” Brent has never met a leftover, donut, a bucket of salsa he couldn’t tackle. Brent is a fan-favorite among our consultants and recently received a compliment from someone he helped place 10 years ago! He regularly attends user groups to build his empire and is known to go the extra mile for his consultants. Post questions and comments for Brent below!

Q1. When did you start your career in recruiting? 
A1. I started recruiting in the late ‘80s – my first stint was in Cleveland, Ohio. I recruited for sales professionals for the capital equipment industry. I actually had to do a 20 page research paper on the capital equipment industry as part of the interview process!

Q2. Explain the road that led you to Signature Consultants.   
A2. I left Cleveland in the early ‘90s and since then have only worked for two other staffing firms in the Carolina’s before  getting recruited by Jay Cohen and Geoff Gray to come to work at Signature in June of 1998.

Q3. Tell us about your first day at Signature – I heard there were some interesting stories! 
A3.  Yes, I will never forget my first day with Signature.  I believe I gave Geoff a mild heart attack that day!  I showed up to move in to my new space with a hand truck containing all my personal effects.  It was a good thing too – because my first day I was assigned to desk that did not even have a computer yet, good thing I came prepared with my personal laptop – a Compaq Armada with about 16 K of ram and one GB of storage.  

Q4. What is the most rewarding thing about your job?  
A4. The most rewarding thing is knowing that you’re making a positive impact on people’s lives, careers, and families.  It feels good to know you’re solving difficult problems in support of businesses.

Q5. If you could be in any other profession for a day what you do?
A5. I would be a jet fighter pilot! 

Q6. Do you have any funny “war stories” from your years of recruiting? 
A6. I actually have more horror stories than funny ones, but here goes! One day after work about 10 years ago we were throwing a stress ball around the office.  Our coworker Matt picked up a plastic bat to swing at the ball.  When he took a swing, the bat flew out of his hands and hit our manager in a….shall we say, tender area.  We all thought it was funny watching him lie on the ground in a fetal position for about 10 minutes before he could get up! J 

Q7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at work?  
A7. About seven years ago, my desk was in the middle of the pit (our large area where our entire team sits).  Matt decided to crawl through the office until he got to my desk – then he jumped out and scared the life out of me!  It’s too bad no one else was around to see how far I jumped back.  I still laugh when I think about it to this day.  He nearly gave me a heart attack!  Luckily, Matt has since saved my life several times to make up for that day.

Q8. What do you like to do for fun outside of work?
A8. I really enjoy going out with my wife Susan to see plays at the local theater and having dinner out on the town. If fact we have a live show coming up soon at the Blumenthal Belk Theater in Charlotte, N.C.

Q9. Where are you from? 
A9. I was born in Lansing, MI (both my parents attended Michigan State University). Go Green!  I grew up in near Chardon, Ohio.

Q10. Tell us about your family. 
A10. My wife Susan is a manager at a prominent company in the Charlotte area.  My father, who passed last year, was a doctor’s son, and had a BS in Landscape Architecture, and Horticulture. My mother was a temporary high school teacher of English and Latin. I have three younger sisters:  one located Greer, S.C., another in Seattle, W.A.  My youngest sister lives in Washington D.C and is president of an energy revolution company. I also have two identical twin son’s who both live in Charlotte, N.C. and just turned 22.

Q11. What’s your favorite food (besides everything)? 
A11. Swordfish steak ….if it is fresh (I can never get enough of it)

Q12. What was the first concert you ever went to? 
A12. The Beach Boys at Cleveland’s Outdoor Blossom Music Center back in the ‘70s!

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