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May 16 2012

Signature Profiles – Will Schwerin


Signature Profiles are designed to help you learn more about the best part of Signature Consultants, our people.

Meet Will Schwerin, Business Unit Leader and trickster extraordinaire based in our San Francisco office. Will’s business success is only trumped by his practical joke expertise. Will helped lead the charge on Signature’s expansion into the Western United States. Check out his Q&A to see how Will won the West!

Q1. What is your position at Signature Consultants?  How long have you been employed for the company?
A1. I am currently a Business Unit Leader as well a Local Account Manager.

Q2. Describe the road that led you to Signature Consultants.
A2. I was introduced into Signature by a friend that used to work for Signature. We had worked at a previous employer together in the local market.

Q3. What is your favorite thing about working for Signature Consultants?
A3. The “Do the Right Thing” methodology. Here at Signature Consultants we treat each other with the utmost respect. We work together not against each other. The ability to build true bonds from within is something I had never been exposed to before. Our clients and consultants alike truly see something special when it comes to partnering with Signature Consultants. When you have a hard working and happy workforce nothing can stand in your way.

Q4. What’s the most rewarding thing about working in the staffing industry?  The most challenging?
A4. The most rewarding aspect for me would have to be the relationships I have built over the years. My clients come to me when they are in need and I help deliver the solution. I get the opportunity to watch their organizations move forward in the right direction. In business just like in our personal lives you get what you put into it. The staffing industry gives me the challenge to be the best that I can be on a daily basis. There is never a dull day.

Q5. The company only recently expanded to the Western United States.  Tell us about why the company expanded and where you see your offices (and others in the West) going?
A5. We recently expanded our operation to San Francisco, Des Moines, Phoenix, and Minneapolis. One of our top clients is strongly positioned in each of these cities and asked for us to make the investment to support their growth in each of the four cities. Historically, Signature opened one new office a year so this was a big investment for us. We originally hired the necessary internal resources to support and partner with our top client. We have now hired additional resources in each of the four cities to support and grow relationships with other clients local to the area. Each of the West offices now has the foundation that is needed to be a successful office and have moved outside the start-up phase and into functioning offices. We continue to grow at a steady pace and look to merge the East and West in the near future.

 Q6. What are some of the challenges of opening a new office for a company like Signature Consultants?
A6. One of the most difficult challenges to starting a new office is ultimately finding the right people to assist in the growth of the office.  Here at Signature we live by our culture and all egos are left at the door. It is difficult to find people that are willing to change the way of yesterday and to come in and try something new.

Q7. What’s been the most rewarding part of your time at Signature?
A7. The most rewarding aspect for me would have to be the bonds that I have established internally at all levels. I have formed relationships that I will have for life and as we continue to grow this will only increase. I have been given the opportunity to really partner in something. To build a business from ground up with some of the best minds in the industry. I see rewards every day here at Signature and I know that the people that sit around me feel the same way. That is something special. 

Q8. You participated in an interview with the Staffing Industry Analysts discussing the country’s best places to work – what does winning the award mean to you?
A8. The award really means a lot to me.  Our company is based on culture, hard work, and friendship; I think that makes people really excited to come to work everyday.  Our company invests in our people, and we hope to be top-ranked every year.

Q9.  What’s on your bucket list?
A.9To get more than 8 hours of sleep in a row!

Q10. What would you do if you won the lottery?
A10. I would own and operate a fly fishing lodge in Montana during the summer months and travel the world during the winter months.

Q11. What was your first concert?
A11. Poison

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