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Feb 22 2017

The 3-Step Exercise to Make Your Dreams Come True (Really!)


Setting any goal is easy—but setting the right goal is far trickier.

Choose an objective that’s well within your reach, and you’ll accomplish less than you could have. Not to mention, you’ll miss out on the satisfaction that comes with pushing yourself.

Yet if you shoot for a goal that’s too difficult, you’ll be frustrated, demoralized and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

Wondering how to pick a goal that’s just the right level of hard? This exercise will help.

Step 1: Identify Your “Anything’s Possible” Goal (or Goals)

Ask yourself what you’d attempt if you were guaranteed to be successful. For example, maybe you’d participate in an Ironman triathlon, switch to a new industry, or get your graduate degree.

Removing the possibility of failure helps you identify what you really want to achieve.

You don’t have to pick a single goal, either; if you want, you can come up with “anything’s possible” goals for several categories of your life, such as personal, professional, and health-related.

Step 2: Establish Your 30-Day Goal (or Goals)

Now take the goals from step one, and figure out how you might make progress toward each one in the next month.

If your dream goal is racing in an Ironman triathlon, you could add a day of swimming and a day of biking to your current weekly workout schedule.

If your dream goal is switching to a new industry, you could reach out to someone within that space for advice.

If your dream goal is getting your graduate degree, you could go to an information session hosted by a university in your town.

Although these steps might seem small compared to the larger goal, taking them will give you momentum. And because they’re relatively easy to accomplish, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting.

Step 3: Check In, and (Potentially) Establish a New Goal

After the month has passed, you have a choice. You can continue working toward your dream goal—or you can set a new, less extreme one.

That’s the beauty of setting a dream goal; if you end up making adjustments, you’ll still be on track to a noteworthy accomplishment.

The best way to decide whether to stick with your objective or adapt it? Review the last 30 days. If checking off your action items was a breeze, your dream goal might not be so far off after all. If you struggled to do everything you’d committed to, your dream goal is too ambitious or you’re not as enthusiastic about it as you thought.

When that’s the case, choose a compromise goal. Instead of participating in an Ironman, you could run a half-marathon or an 8K. Rather than switching industries, you might learn some new skills to expand the jobs or roles you’re qualified for. As an alternative to going to grad school, perhaps you take online courses.

This exercise makes it far simpler to determine—and then realize—your goals. Making your dreams come true will, well, become a reality.

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