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Jun 14 2017

The 6 Best Email Newsletters for Professionals


The average professional checks their inbox all day long—which means if you’re looking for an easy way to find interesting, helpful, and thought-provoking content, subscribing to email newsletters is the way to do it.

When it comes to which newsletters specifically, you’ll find a ton of variety. There’s seemingly a digest for every interest; you can customize your choices even more by choosing daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters.

Want some suggestions to start you off? Check out our top six favorites.

1. Brain Food

This weekly newsletter is designed to help you be smarter, more productive, and fulfilled. Along with every piece published on the Farnam Street site from the past week, the newsletter also includes links to worthwhile posts around the web and a book recommendation.

You’ll both enjoy and learn from the doses of wisdom—and maybe even pick up some conversation-starters.

2. Bringing the Donuts

If you’re a project manager, software engineer, or professional in tech, this newsletter is a good read. It delves into various aspects of programming, project management, and life in the tech industry. For example, past newsletters have covered authenticity at work, 40-hour design sprints, and the ideal engineer-to-PM ratio.

3. Desk Hunt

As a consultant, your desk set-up probably changes pretty frequently. You’ll be inspired by the focus of Desk Hunt, which explores workplaces and productivity habits around the world.

You might end up with ideas for your office. At the very least, you can satisfy your curiosity about how other people work.

4. Brain Pickings

Want a weekly curated guide to art, design, science, and history? Here’s the ideal newsletter for you. Every Sunday, Brain Pickings recipients receive a beautifully written, thoughtfully composed roundup of cool links.

Each issue is fairly long and often includes visuals.

5. Nextdraft

Dave Pell, the editor of this email newsletter, has an interesting process for choosing which news stories he breaks down for his audience. Every morning, Pell visits 75 different news sites. Then, he picks the ten most interesting ones. It’s awesome simply to have someone picking out what you should read—but Pell’s newsletter is even better because he’s funny.

6. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

For general life advice, you won’t come across a better newsletter. Barking Up the Wrong Tree concentrates on a different subject each week, from saying no without feeling guilty to checking your phone less frequently. In other words, it gives you research-backed advice on being a good person. Thanks to the approachable writing style and well-placed GIFs, you’ll look forward to opening it.

Email newsletters are convenient, entertaining sources of some of the best content on the Internet. What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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