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Mar 21 2017

The Top 4 Podcasts for Professionals


Finding the time and the energy to read is challenging. When you get home from work, you’re often drained—not to mention, you typically need to eat dinner, clean the house, spend time with your family, exercise, prepare for the next day, and/or answer emails before you can pick up a book.

Luckily, there’s a great alternative. Like books, podcasts are engaging, informative, and interesting. But unlike reading, you can listen to podcasts almost anywhere. Check out these top four podcasts for professionals.

  1. Awesome Etiquette

The modern workplace poses plenty of tricky situations. Are you obligated to buy your boss a gift? Should you bring a date to the office dinner outing? What’s the polite way to end a meeting that’s running over?

On this podcast, Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning (both great-grandchildren of the famous Emily Post) tackle personal and professional issues of etiquette—and everything in between.

Even if you’ve never dealt with the specific questions they answer, you’ll learn the spirit of good etiquette. In time, you’ll be well-equipped to solve these challenges on your own.

  1. SearchCIO

If you’re in IT, SearchCIO’s podcasts are required listening. Each episode delves into a new trend or hotly discussed aspect of the IT landscape.

The content is aimed at IT executives, so some of the topics might not be directly applicable to your day-to-day responsibilities (Think: developing a BYOD program, keeping projects alive during budget cutbacks). Nonetheless, you’ll get a lot of indirect value—it’s always helpful to get a bird’s eye view of your organization, not to mention insights into your executive’s mind.

  1. HBR IdeaCast

Unlike HBR, its digital companion, this podcast is completely free. But it’s worth its weight in gold. Host Sarah Green Carmichael interviews authors, speakers, scholars, scientists, and subject matter experts on all types of fascinating subjects—from the impact of asking someone’s advice to managing different types of conflict.

Because almost every theme is still relevant, and there’s a sizeable archive of episodes, HBR IdeaCast is an optimal pick if you’re looking to binge-listen to a show.

  1.  TED Radio Hour

When you need inspiration, motivation, or simply something to mull over, a TED talk usually does the trick. This 60-minute program rounds up some of the best speeches that have been given on the TED stage. Every episode has a different theme; for example, the show on December 9 focused on reconciliation, while the September 2 show was about listening.

Each talk somehow links back to the umbrella topic, but in surprising and unique ways. You’ll end the hour feeling enlightened and inspired.

What are you waiting for? Add these four podcasts to your rotation. Professional development has never been so convenient or enjoyable.

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