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Jun 6 2019

Three Ideas for Making New Employees Feel Welcome

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The first day—whether it’s of school, camp, or these days, work—is always nerve-wracking. You don’t know what to expect, who you’ll meet, or what you’ll do. That mystery is also exciting, of course…but mostly terrifying.

It might be hard to remember this emotion when you’re well-established at your job, but try to recall it every time you bring a new employee on board. They’re going to be anxious. How can you make the transition as smooth as possible?

To help you orient new hires, we’ve put together a quick guide.

1) Send them a welcome message

After the hiring manager or recruiter has let the candidate know that they’ve gotten the job, but before their start date, send them a message officially welcoming them to the team. This helps ease some of the first-week nervousness and reinforces your excitement about working with them.

If there’s anything they should know in advance (hint: there usually is), this email is a good place to include that info. For example, maybe you’ll take them out to lunch on their first day, so they won’t need to worry about buying or bringing it. Or perhaps there’s a quick training session all new hires attend, so they should arrive at 8:30.

2) Give them some swag

People love free stuff. That makes company-branded gifts a great way to welcome them to the team, drum up their “school spirit,” and get them even more excited about their new role.

Plus, swag is pretty inexpensive when you buy in bulk. We recommend purchasing a big order of items like baseball hats (with your organization’s logo, of course), phone chargers (in your company’s colors), Yeti mugs, and desk organizers.

If you want to get really creative, you can opt for yoga mats (perfect if your organization has a “healthy at work” initiative or something along those lines), puzzle sets, Jenga towers, or even branded Pop Sockets.

Put this swag bag on your new employee’s desk so they have something fun to open their first day. If they’re remote, schedule it to arrive the day they start.

Not only will they be thrilled, you may get tagged in a social media post—which will boost your employer brand and encourage others to join your team.

3) Create a handbook

New companies are confusing, no matter how seasoned someone is. There are unfamiliar policies, unwritten office norms, quirky traditions, strange jargon, and years and years of company history.

Make the transition a little easier for your new team members by creating an employee manual. This guide should cover everything about your company that a new employee would find helpful—from the official, such as “If you arrive earlier than 8 a.m., your key card will only work on the main door,” to the unofficial, like “There are six decent restaurants within a five-minute walk. If you like Italian, we recommend…”

Not sure what to include in your handbook, besides the super basics? Try asking ten or so employees from across the company what they wished they’d known their first month. Along with getting great material, you’ll probably learn a lot about how new employees experience the transition, what works, and what could be improved.

These three ideas will help you provide a great first impression of your company and team and, more importantly, get your new hires excited to work together.

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