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Award-winning Leader in Global Healthcare Products Receives Resources To Develop One Unified Resource Platform

Multibillion dollar company committed to long-term expansion and innovation

Innovator in the healthcare product industry, this award-winning company offers medical solutions for improved patient experiences.

The Challenge:

The client was migrating two different enterprise resource planning systems onto one unified resource platform to increase efficiency and communication.

The Signature Solution:

Signature provided a program manager and a process improvement specialist for the E-1 project to help lead the initiative.

Signature’s program manager and a process improvement specialist worked with teams across the nation including Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MN; and Atlanta, GA to successfully deliver the project.

Program Results:

The one year project resulted in a unified process, customized reporting, and a singular manufacturing system.

Critical Benefits:

The client found efficiencies in a unified process and were able to drive sales teams from five different global business units to sell through one system.

The Direct Impact:

The client integrated three disparate enterprise resource planning systems into one platform, which allowed for easier forecasting, planning, sales, and delivery.

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