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Leading Designer of Workwear for Men, Women & Kids Receives Qualified Team to Assist with the Growing Business & IT Business Transformation

The global premium work wear brand provides SAP AFS Implementation (MM, PP and IM).

During the past century, this company has a rich heritage in manufacturing apparel that meets the standards for laborers both on and off the job. This company is headquartered in the US and has thousands of employees around the world.

The Challenge:

Grow business and keep up with the ever increasing demand for products.

Their effort to grow their business and keep up with the increasing demand for their products entered into a multi-year, multi-phase, IT Business Transformation effort. This transformation project, at its core, was comprised of an SAP AFS implementation. The company’s current Legacy systems, most of which were homegrown were being strained by business demands.

The Signature Solution:

Signature provided a professional functional, technical, and project management team.

Signature’s dedicated SAP division provided a team of Functional, Technical and Project Management SAP AFS resources to implement SAP AFS – Materials Management, Production Planning and Inventory Management.

Program Results:

The implementation of SAP AFS has allowed the business to streamline their manufacturing, production, inventory and supply chain processes by eliminating multiple homegrown systems and their various integration points.

Critical Benefits:

Streamlined Supply Chain Process, specifically in the areas of Manufacturing, Production and Inventory. Eliminated multiple, dated homegrown and legacy systems. Phased out multitude manual processes in all areas of the supply chain. Created the ability for data to flow freely throughout the organization by utilizing one system.

The Direct Impact:

The company’s customers and vendors now receive the product faster and with more accuracy than ever before with their previous systems, leading to higher vendor satisfaction and an overall better customer experience.

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