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Leading IT Storage Provider Set Up New Cloud Integration Technology

A world leader in providing information technology as a service, this company empowers business partners to transform their service portfolios by utilizing cloud computing to help customers more efficiently and dependably manage their data.

The Challenge:

The client’s customer has grown over the past 10 years through acquisition.

The current business challenge of the company’s client is that the database structures from all of the acquired companies don’t allow for a seamless flow of information to and from each other, and the parent organization.

The Signature Solution:

Identifying a Solutions Architect.

Signature Consultants has been tasked with identifying a Solutions Architect with a mix of systems, storage, and high-level Oracle skills to effectively scope the effort.

Program Results:

Signature’s Solutions Architect is working hand in hand with the client’s account team to investigate and analyze the client’s as-is state. Through interviewing key stakeholders and pulling necessary documentation from all customer sites, the client and Signature will deliver findings and a deliverable document. If the company’s customer agrees with the findings and suggestions, it will be the responsibility of the Solution Architect and client to build a team to facilitate the delivery of the effort.

Critical Benefits:

The benefits associated with the successful delivery of this engagement will allow the client’s customer to have an enterprise level view of all data, increasing the accuracy of reporting, and allowing the organization to make more well-informed business decisions.

The Direct Impact:

The ROI on this engagement will be tracked over time. As with larger scale projects, the upfront costs will be high with the expectations that the complete ROI will be realized within 18-24 months of rollout. Long term goal is to allow scaling and further acquisition activities for the client’s customer.

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