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Leading Provider of End-to-End Business Process Outsourcing Receives Assistance While Building Out New Database

Over 40 years of expertise.

Top provider of turnkey business process outsourcing solutions, supporting brands in a diverse set of industries.

The Challenge:

The company leverages their 50+ year old database with one of their largest fulfillment clients, a media conglomerate.

The company can access and package consumer data for resale and in combination with their own consumer data through this database.

The Signature Solution:

Signature Consultants was challenged with delivering both full time and contract resources to our partner with the new Data Architect as they build out the functionality of this collaboration.

To date, they have met every client deadline and the core ETL team has had its contract extended through November in order to complete this project. Moreover, because of the team’s success, the company has already begun offering this to additional clients.

Program Results:

The project is ongoing, but all milestones have been very well received.

Critical Benefits:

Because of the team’s success, our client has already begun offering the services of the core ETL team to additional clients.

The Direct Impact:

The company has been able to build a new revenue stream by offering the service to others. In addition, they have maintained and expanded their current relationship with their largest client/partner. The success of this project has created the need for additional resources.

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