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Nation’s Leading Banking Firm Re-engineers Java User Interface

National financial institution with more than a trillion in assets

Signature Consultants has had a long and successful working relationship with the financial institution and has provided high quality IT resources for the company. Signature was able to develop a strategy, design a plan based on quality and service, and then execute the plan within the stated guidelines provided by the client.

The Challenge:

The client is re-engineering the Java User Interface.

This re-engineering of the Java User Interface and portions of core application provided additional functionality and scalability. The client desired cutting edge Java technologies, long-term commitment of resources and accessibility to multiple resources. The client has limited time to interview (requested pre-screened, fully vetted candidates for one and done final interviews) and would like to identify, screen and on-board resources under deadline to match business requirements delivery.

The Signature Solution:

Signature provided a screening process.

The screening process allowed technical screening questions and answers to be provided by the client in good faith and based on a trusting relationship with Signature. The Signature account manager did technical pre-screens with 20 sourced consultants, (approximately 20 minutes each) to provide a short list of seven consultants of which all three resources were placed/hired for 18-month assignments.

Program Results:

Current status: To date, the project has been successful and is ongoing. Signature has experienced 100% retention, thus far, and has had strong positive feedback on provided resources.

Critical Benefits:

The client experienced significant time savings as a result of Signature’s recommendation and execution of the plan.

Signature experienced 100% compliance for on-boarding, as per the MSA.

The Direct Impact:

The internal customers of the bank’s group will have a rich and functional UI.

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