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Nation’s Leading Financial Service Company Builds a Unified CRM Application Across LOBs

Fortune 100 financial institution with more than a trillion in assets.

Founded more than a century ago, the organization offers a wide array of financial services through tens of thousands of locations and ATM’s across the country.

Signature Consultants has had a long and successful working relationship with the financial institution and has provided high quality IT resources for the company. Signature was able to develop a strategy, design a plan based on quality and service, and then execute the plan within the stated guidelines provided by the client.

The Challenge:

The client was acquiring a large investment banking company and sought to create a unified CRM application across its lines of business, allowing access to a single system for sales, performance and risk assessment.

Sales associates and product partners across the business were accessing multiple applications for sales, performance, and risk needs.

These disparate systems resulted in the following challenges:

  • Inefficient business processes and information sharing, causing a lack of coordination between client-facing sales and risk activities.
  • Technology solutions replicated across multiple applications resulted in unnecessary technology costs and complexity.

When two lines of business were scheduled to on-board in the same calendar year, the client contacted Signature to help craft a solution to address their imminent resource-contention issues, especially within their team of business analysts. The client required a solution to help kick off the second on-boarding effort and assist with defining the business requirements and functional specifications for six project work streams.

The Signature Solution:

Given Signature’s history of providing business-analyst services to this client, Signature was engaged to identify and build a self-sufficient business-analysis team to support the integration of the third line of business into the CRM application.

Signature’s team integrated with and assisted the larger client team in quickly documenting all application requirements, completing a thorough gap analysis, and preparing functional specifications to support the software development and implementation.

By leveraging client-provided documents, materials, and training, the initial Signature team members developed an internal on-boarding process that allowed them to support the on-boarding activities for future team members, thus significantly reducing the workload on client resources.

Program Results:

When it was time to engage the entire project team, our consultants were able to actively participate and provide immediate assistance in moving the project forward.

Utilizing documentation created by prior on-boarding projects, the Signature team identified functionality gaps between implementations. This information was utilized to onboard the new line of business based on data and experience.

Critical Benefits:

Self-sufficient project team in place
Management of resources aligned
Support for development of key project deliverables
Flexible and scalable system

The Direct Impact:

The early delivery of all business analysis artifacts
helped the project move smoothly to the development
and implementation phases, while minimizing the impact on the business community.

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