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Nation’s Leading Financial Service Company Creates Quality Assurance Analysts Team

National financial institution with more than a trillion in assets.

Founded more than a century ago, the organization offers a wide array of financial services through tens of thousands of locations and ATM’s across the country.

Signature Consultants has had a long and successful working relationship with the financial institution and has provided high quality IT resources for the company. Signature was able to develop a strategy, design a plan based on quality and service, and then execute the plan within the stated guidelines provided by the client.

The Challenge:

The client’s lending group had the need to create a pool of highly talented Systems Quality Assurance Analysts.

These analysts can be leveraged throughout its organization to support several enterprise initiatives relating to the Home Preservation & Collections (HPC) Capacity Project. The consultants needed to be well-versed in the financial industry, demonstrate leadership skills, and have the ability to create detail-level deliverables based on previous experience and knowledge.

The financial institution relied on Signature Consultants to identify, recruit, and place up to 50+ SQA resources. These resources sit in the Midwest. The successful placement of a Senior SQA leader along with (4) direct SQA leads provided hiring and management of the necessary resources to meet the institutions objectives.

The Signature Solution:

Signature Consultants provided exceptional resources that were far beyond the expectations of the client.

Signature Consultants was able to staff the entire project including one high level QA Manger, three QA Team Leads handling day-to-day tasks and 37 manual testers. Signature screened every consultant from a soft skill perspective and hired a technical screener to ensure we found the right candidates to staff this project. As part of the all-inclusive proposal, we provided special on-boarding incentives, which made the process faster and more efficient.

Program Results:

The project is ongoing, but results thus far have exceeded client’s expectation.

Critical Benefits:

The results have been exceptional as, again, Signature responded extremely quickly with quality candidates to staff the project.

The Direct Impact:

The response exceeded the expectations of the client and has resulted in a very close working relationship with the financial institution.

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