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Nation’s Leading Firm focused On Technology Services, Outsourcing, And Management Consulting Receives Additional Team Members To Manage Client

One of the world’s leading organizations for offering a wide range of management services.

This top provider credits its four growth platforms—Strategy, Digital, Technology, and Operations—for the innovative tools through which they develop superior skills and capabilities; establish knowledge capital; and build, collect, and manage key assets central to the creation of integrated services and solutions for the clients.

The Challenge:

Re-engineering the online retailer's dynamic email program.

The client reached out to Signature Consultants to provide some of their resources to help with re-engineering the online retailer’s dynamic email program.

The Signature Solution:

Signature provided Java/UI developers.

Signature’s Java/UI developers redesigned email templates and made them react to customer behaviors.

Program Results:

To date, the project is ongoing and the resources provided by Signature are performing their task as challenged.

Critical Benefits:

The re-engineering of the dynamic email system has resulted in a better client interface experience, as well as a revenue-generating program.

The Direct Impact:

The program has really optimized and enhanced customer interaction.

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