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Nation’s Leading Firm focused on Technology Services, Outsourcing, and Management Consulting Receives Additional Team Members to Manage Client

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This top provider credits its four growth platforms—Strategy, Digital, Technology, and Operations—for the innovative tools through which they develop superior skills and capabilities; establish knowledge capital; and build, collect, and manage key assets central to the creation of integrated services and solutions for the clients.

The Challenge:

Support client’s eMax (EAM Asset Management) solution.

Signature has built a 24+ person team supporting the current eMax (EAM Asset Management) solution for their client energy company. The system is comprised of a core Maximo solution integrated with Informatica, WebSphere and MSRS reporting. It supports the following business units: Fleet, Supply Chain, Power Delivery, Power Generation, Gas Operations, and Finance. This role worked with the overall technology lead to estimate, plan and deliver monthly or quarterly releases of code changes to production, manage tier 3 responses, restore, and repair activities for end users and work with the client to manage system level events. Primary responsibilities were working with business to define requirements; complete design, reviews, and manage a 6-10 person development team through the software delivery cycle. In addition, the lead was responsible for scheduling team members, tracking issues and risks etc. Skills Required: Maximo, Oracle, Java.

The Signature Solution:

Provide consultants.

Signature Consultants provided qualified junior and senior level Maximo consultants for the client’s locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas.

Program Results:

The projects were completed and the consultants were rolled off.

Critical Benefits:

Signature provided top consultants that were available, qualified, and in the rates needed for the client to complete deliverables on time and within budget.

The Direct Impact:

Signature Consultants provided the resources required for the client to successfully deliver the project to their client energy company. In turn, the company was able to provide system level support to the end users within the following business units: Fleet, Supply Chain, Power Delivery, Power Generation, Gas Operations, and Finance.

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