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One of the Largest Automobile Industry Distributors Integrates Third Party Tool Creating Efficient Workflow

One of the largest, most innovative, and diverse companies in the automobile industry.

Core competence and expertise developed through total technical dealer support services.

The Challenge:

Integrate third party tool to create efficient workflow.

The company struggles to obtain talent in technological areas, therefore, Signature Consultants was challenged by the client to integrate third party tools to create more efficient workflow and reduce dependency on mainframe technology.

The Signature Solution:

Signature was able to identify and provide qualified candidates that are able to do the job and fit in with the company's culture.

Signature Consultants has been successful in identifying resources that possess the various skills that the client was not able to acquire. Signature has been able to identify qualified candidates that could hit the ground running from a technical perspective and align with the culture of the organization.

Program Results:

Signature has successfully augmented the client’s team with resources that have enabled the team to complete all design work and integration with their current systems.

Critical Benefits:

Signature Consultants enjoys a partnership with the company as we understand the challenges that they face, their culture, and are able to provide them with the IT resources to meet those challenges within the deadlines that are set forth.

The Direct Impact:

It enabled greater visibility and change authorization to end customers/dealers. It also increased time to market by 25%.

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