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One of The Largest, Most Innovative & Diverse Companies in The Automobile Industry Identified Qualified Candidates to Upgrade Technology

Leading innovator in the automobile industry.

Core competence and expertise developed through total technical dealer support services.

The Challenge:

Create an enterprise operational data store, update existing technology, and maximize user reporting efficiencies.

The client was challenged to accomplish the following;

  • Create an enterprise operational data store that feeds a new enterprise data warehouse.
  • Change the existing technology by implementing an oracle (ODS) and a Teradata warehouse.
  • Create staging and reporting layers to maximize end user reporting efficiencies.

The client struggles to obtain talent in these technological areas. Additionally, they struggled to obtain the volume of developers needed to complete this project within the time constraints allocated.

The Signature Solution:

Signature has identified qualified candidates that could begin immediately.

Signature Consultants has been successful in identifying resources that possess the various skills that the company has not been able to acquire themselves. Signature has identified qualified candidates that could begin immediately from a technical perspective and align with the culture of the organization.

Program Results:

While still under way, the project continues in accordance to plan, timeline, and budgetary constraints. Signature has successfully augmented the client team with resources that have enabled the team to complete all design work and integration with their current systems.

Critical Benefits:

The client has struggled to obtain key critical skill sets. Signature Consultants has been able to augment their staff by providing resources that possess these key critical skill sets.

The Direct Impact:

This project enabled real time reporting; increasing reporting capabilities and providing real time reporting to end user.

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