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One of the Top Financial Institutions Requires Complete Remediation

National financial institution with more than a trillion in assets.

Founded more than a century ago, the organization offers a wide array of financial services through tens of thousands of locations and ATM’s across the country.

Signature Consultants has had a long and successful working relationship with the financial institution and has provided high quality IT resources for the company. Signature was able to develop a strategy, design a plan based on quality and service, and then execute the plan within the stated guidelines provided by the client.

The Challenge:

Complete remediation, at a relationship-account level, of all clients within a top financial institution’s line of business.

Complete remediation of approximately 13,400 accounts, plus an additional review of 10,000 underlying accounts. Underlying accounts were reviewed to identify any additional customers within the relationship.

The Signature Solution:

Signature assigned a dedicated service team to handle all screening, interviewing, and selection of consultants. They ensured all consultants had the best skills and culture fit for the company, while also providing a major time savings for their management team. This dedicated service team delivered a bulk staffing solution strategy to provide the quickest and most cost-effective approach.

Program Results:

The project was successfully completed by Signature. The client had 41 resources on-boarded in the first 2 months and 86 on-boarded over the course of the 18-month project.

Critical Benefits:

  • Significant cost savings through performance guarantees, no-cost first 40 hours, and volume and early pay discounts
  • Simplified management through a single Signature point of contact for all project staffing and ongoing consultant maintenance
  • Signature dedicated service team, on-boarding process management, and non-billable project coordination
  • Entire on-boarding process managed by a non-billable project coordinator provided by Signature

The Direct Impact:

Using Signature’s bulk staffing solution strategy, the client saved $1.9 million on consultant staffing for the project, compared to the previous master services agreement, while finishing the complete remediation of all clients within their line of business.

From Our Client:

We relied upon Signature to screen, interview and select the consultants, and manage the on-boarding process, and it all worked very well. I really cannot imagine how we could have kept an active team going at the pace we had, if we had tried to coordinate this with multiple staffing firms.

— Senior Vice President

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