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Privately Owned Investment Firm Transfers Business Insights Into a Cloud Computing Service

One of the Oldest Mutual Fund Companies in America

Investment Management Company with over 70 years of experience with over billions in assets under management.

The Challenge:

An initiative to move the insights into a cloud computing service and make advisor leads available through the cloud service’s CRM.

The purpose was to analyze and segment the data to make it more meaningful and useful, eliminate variables, and identify ideal clients. This directly impacted the sales teams by prioritizing their leads, reducing prospecting time, and categorizing potential clients by analyzing data trends. The segmentation of data required a tremendous amount of heavy lifting and required ongoing changes over time.

The Signature Solution:

Signature Consultants was able to understand the complexity of their initiative and helped them to identify the type of resources they needed in order to yield results.

Signature provided the client with highly skilled and niche resources in Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. Signature placed a Senior Consultant/Subject Matter Expert in Data Science to own the entire initiative, run meetings around the project, and build out a team from scratch.

Program Results:

Results have been highly successful. The consultants have been able to identify, uncover, and resolve significant variables in the data sets. They have added ways to uncover and retrieve meaningful data from their target population, and identified and removed data that had significant inaccuracy.

Critical Benefits:

Thus far, data samples collected have been able to show the client more about their prospects and help identify which would best match their offerings and services. With this information, the internal sales team has been able to modify and tailor their sell to each individual client. This significantly decreases prospecting time and gives higher likelihood of generating interest in the initial call.

The Direct Impact:

Clients are more likely to be responsive when the sales approach is relevant to the clients needs, and offers a solution for their pain points.

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