Brad Rosen

Training & Development

​Brad Rosen is among a small group of individuals, who alongside Signature’s founder Dr. Jay Cohen, started laying the bricks that would become the foundation of Signature Consultants.

Brad began as a Recruiter and worked in many roles across the enterprise, all the while holding his vision of embedding professional and personal development within Signature’s culture. When Brad joined the Training and Development team in 2011, it was the beginning of something big. Signature quickly became known among international organizations and talent innovators from all industries. The Association for Talent Development (ADT) has since recognized the company among the Top 125 Training Organizations in the U.S. many times over.

Signature’s culture is a source of company pride. It’s renowned for being highly collaborative, cohesive, and supportive of individual growth. Brad’s unmatched energy, innovative mindset and insight to all aspects of the business are a big part of the reason why Signature thrives.

Many see Brad’s passion and integrity as rocket fuel for company growth, as well as daily sustenance for Signature’s team members. Meanwhile, he sees the flip side, “It’s the superstars around me that make me better every day.”

At the end of the workday, the University of Florida grad burns any residual energy by working out or joining friends for golf, staying involved with charitable work and spending time with his wife Brooke, sons Reese and Cooper, and Goldendoodle Murphey.