Candace Whitaker

Human Resources

​As a teacher, lawyer, former U.S. government compliance office, and HR professional, Candace Whitaker is an advocate for growth and development. After becoming Signature’s eighth employee in 2004, she put her insatiable intellectual curiosity and problem-solving acumen to work, and built the company’s HR department from the ground up.

Signature’s friends-first approach meshed well with her gift of embracing the individual and connecting them to something bigger. Growing up, Candace’s family sought out foreign countries and cultures, and she attributes her exposure to and appreciation of cultural diversity with providing her resources for problem-solving and developing forward-looking programs and policies. Her mantra: “Keep evolving your thinking.”

Candace has been instrumental in how employee talent blossoms into shared strength on a team, and in making meaningful relationships part of the Signature way. “I thrive by understanding what makes individuals unique and exploring topics outside my box,” she says.

Candace’s passion for witnessing the expression of talent doesn’t end with her job duties. This Wayne State Law School and Michigan State University graduate is a fan of art, theatre, comedy, dance, and poetry. She dabbles in various arts and crafts, and on occasion, her creativity bubbles up as doodles in the margins of her meeting notes.