Jay Cohen


Never stop learning. That philosophy has served Dr. Jay Cohen well throughout his entire career, as founder of Signature and as a doctor beforehand. He encourages asking the hard questions and digging deep to find answers. Continuous improvement isn’t just a buzzword concept at Signature; it is built into the culture.

Dr. Jay started Signature Consultants in 1997. With a medical degree from Cornell University, he practiced internal medicine and gastroenterology in South Florida for 20 years before finding himself increasingly drawn to the business side of the practice. He wanted to create a brand new enterprise, one that — like medicine — combined both science and compassion. IT staffing sang out to him because it not only worked to solve current technological problems, but it helped enrich people’s lives, too. To drive Signature forward, Dr. Jay steers the company's strategic vision and stays hands-on with scaling the culture to keep up with national growth. In fact, Signature recently joined forces with DISYS and became one of the top staffing providers in the world.

Beyond the office, you can find Dr. Jay spending time with his family, reading historical novels (as well as espionage and thriller novels by authors like John le Carré and Lee Child), and competing in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournaments. In fact, he plays in the World Series of Poker every year.