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Growing pains with data structures

Tiffany J. was a project coordinator for a software company when she met Signature senior resource manager, Gary W., five years ago. “We talked over the course of about two years about how I could move my career forward in project management.” Through Signature’s Recontacting model and Consultant Care, Tiffany was able to work her way to junior project manager and then scrum master of three different teams at the automotive company where Signature placed her. Signature supported Tiffany’s career, funding a refresher course in project management and a prep class for the PMP certification test. Tiffany recently received her PMP certification, “with a lot of Gary’s encouragement. My old IT staffing firm didn’t even want to renew my contract. I was assigned a new recruiter, who didn’t have anything for me. Gary had options in a day or two. I was kind of caught off-guard with how Signature works. Even when Gary is out, someone calls to check in on me.”

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