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It’s not about short-term profits. It’s about long-term partnerships.

Hi, I’m Jason, one of the managing directors at Signature Consultants, where I also lead our Minneapolis team. I truly enjoy working with technology, especially at Signature, because we get to build relationships with professionals who rely on different technologies to deliver successful results.

Out of all the companies I’ve worked with in the technology field over the years, Signature is the most unique and effective because of its Recruiting & Retention model, which consists of proactive search, recruiting, placement, and consultant care. Signature’s unique relationship model—along with persistency, consistency, and staying up to date on the latest technologies—are why our clients and consultants continue to come back to us. Some of mine have been with Signature for almost 10 years; they know that we strive to take care of our people and make every effort to place the right consultants in the right positions at the right organizations.

Even though I have a passion for technology, sometimes I like to remove myself from it so I can spend time with my family or connect with people while golfing or fishing. I’m proud to be a part of Signature Consultants. As a former Division One hockey player, I learned the value of a strong team that works together to accomplish a common goal. At Signature, our goal is clear: Do The Right Thing.

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