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Career Path

Hi there, I’m Nicole. The unique culture at Signature was a large factor in my decision to work here. With the guidance and help of a friend and co-worker, I learned the processes quickly and trusted my mentor to take me forward. Those I found most helpful are RDP, relationship building, trust building, listening, and being proactive. Understanding the market allowed me to be confident and take the next step in my career at Signature. After six months, I hit $10K in recruiting and was able to move to sales. About a year after graduating from the AR Program, I was offered the opportunity to help in Signature’s Miami office. I saw this as an opportunity to expand my connections and our company footprint. If you have a fire inside, are willing to trust the processes in place, listen, absorb, and work hard, you’ll achieve great things here.

Take a look at some of the programs you could be a part of:

  • Associate Recruiter Training Program: Understand the fundamentals of a junior sales role.
  • Recruiter Development Program: Set the path for a senior recruiter role, while working diligently with your mentor and an account manager.
  • Recruiter 2 Sales: Understand the fundamentals of an account management role.
  • Leadership: Understand the tools needed to become a team lead, manage others, and run meetings, etc.

Each effort guides and helps you to be successful in reaching your career goals. Start your career path with us today.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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